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Set up a separated quarantine tank is required.

It is strongly recommended that the new fish be kept alone for at least 2 weeks, which is safer for both the new fish and your existing fish.

If you choose not to quarantine your newly arrived fish, we cannot provide you with any after-sales protection.

Glass fish tank or any kind of container that can hold water is fine. Plastic storage bins are highly recommended. Opaque containers can prevent timid goldfish from being frightened.

The recommended water volume is more than 30 gallons, depending on the number and size of your fish. The larger the water body, the more stable the water quality. The stable water quality helps the new fish recover their physical strength after a long journey.


Make sure your fish tank and water are prepared 72 hours in advance.

The water prepared 72 hours in advance undergoes preliminary aging, which can reduce the irritation to the mucous membrane of goldfish.

Brand new tap water can fully meet the needs of goldfish after 3 days of storage, without adding any additional substances. It is a good idea to run the oxygen pump at the stage of aging water quality.

3.Air pump

An oxygen pump is absolutely needed! Adequate oxygen is helpful to the health of the fish, but the new fishes are physically exhausted when they arrive home. Please adjust the amount of oxygen reasonably so that there is an area where the water flows smoothly in the container to allow the fish to rest quietly.


Sponge filters are a great option .If it is used, a brand new filter to avoid bacterial residues.


Higher water temperature can increase the metabolism level of goldfish and help restore physical strength. Most indoor breeding situations do not require the use of heating rods. Goldfish feel the most comfortable water temperature is 77 degrees, but need to slowly increase the water temperature. For example, if you receive a goldfish and the water temperature in the bag is 40 degrees, then set the heating rod temperature to 45 degrees on the same day. The water temperature changes more than 5 degrees within a day, which will be a burden for the goldfish.



1.Dim environment

The dim environment helps goldfish relieve stress, and fish in nature will find hidden corners to take a good rest. The goldfish has just arrived in a new environment. Please avoid strong light. Turning off the light or placing the quarantine tank in a hidden and quiet corner is a good choice.

​2.Adapt to water temperature

Float the goldfish packaging bag on the surface of the container for 30-60 minutes. Do not open the bag. Turn the bag slowly every 10 minutes. This will make the water temperature in the bag the same as that in the container.

It is a safe way to test the water temperature with a thermometer after 30 minutes.

3.Take out the fish

When the temperature of the water in the bag is the same as that of your fish tank, carefully remove the fish from the bag with your hands or a suitable fishing net and put it into the fish tank. Please discard the water in the bag.

​4.About feeding

The new fish does not need to be fed on the day it arrives. What needs to be done is to turn off the light and let it rest after adapting to the water temperature and water quality. Don’t look at it too much, because it doesn’t know you yet .

Observe the state of the fish the next day. If the fish is in good spirits and swims normally, please feed it with small soft pellets and do not feed other foods. Each fish does not exceed 10 pellets. Observe the feeding state of the fish. Healthy and adapted fish will have an appetite the next day.

If the fish is eating well the next day and swimming normally, feed twice on the third day with an interval of 4 hours each time. Remember that the amount of feeding must be small each time!

If the fish float for a long time or lie down in the tank for a long time during this period, please do not feed them and contact us immediately.

If everything is normal, the new fish will be fed twice a day for 7 days after they arrive home. Each fish feeds about 10 pellets. This will not only provide fish with nutrients to restore their physical strength, but also will not easily damage the relatively small water environment due to overfeeding.

5.About change water

It is strongly recommended to use a quarantine tank of more than 30 gallons, which is easier to maintain good water quality. The bubbles blown by the oxygen pump can be used as a reference for changing the water: if the bubbles blown by the oxygen pump remain in shape for a long time and cannot break, the water needs to be changed. It is recommended to change only 10-20percent. Another situation: If there are a lot of bubbles on the water, it is recommended to change the water 10-20percent. The water to be replaced is preferably isothermal water that has been aged for more than 2 days.

Please be careful within 7 days after the new fish arrives home. When he adapts to the environment and fully recovers his strength, the goldfish is very strong.

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